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(PMCA Production Conference from previous column)
Please find photos on #PMCA18 and on our Facebook Page
At the Tuesday night dinner, Walter Vink offered the blessing. Special guests were introduced from visiting associations, including Laura Shumow, of National Confectioners Association and Lacey Hesse, of Retail Confectioners International.
(Above, from left) PMCA Program Committee Chair Judy Cooley, of Global Confection Connections LLC, presents Marie Kelso Memorial Award to Jeffrey Bogusz, Ferrara USA. Bogusz is honored for his 2017 Production Conference Presentation: Panning Equipment - Classic, Belt, Automated and Future State of the Art.
For details about this year's Marie Kelso Memorial Award, please see Link
Dinner speaker Peter Greweling (above, right) of The Culinary Institute of America, inspired the audience with a hands-on presentation, “Chocolate Geodes: Dazzling & Delicious.” Attendees had the chance to perform on stage wearing hard hats to “mine” the confectionery geodes.
Wednesday’s closing day presentations highlighted post-harvest processing, roasting of cocoa beans and conching processes.

Join PMCA for its 73rd Annual Production Conference, April 8-10, 2019.

Same place, next year!
For these and the rest of the photos, please see our Facebook Page Link
 and feel free to post more names and captions.

(Fruit display continued from previous column)
 Marlene Stauffer, Blommer Chocolate Company, and co-lead of the PMCA Hosted sub-committee, presents unusual fruit flavors to taste.
Special Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree highlights list of fruits on display. 

(Wilbur, continued from previous column)
Cargill closed the iconic Wilbur factory (shown below) in 2016, transferring the manufacturing that was done in Lititz to other Cargill facilities.

Above, an architect's drawing of the new Wilbur hotel design.

January 2018 Philly Show 
 - continued from previous column 
 Madelaine Chocolate is ready for spring! 

In spite of snowstorm effects in the Northeast USA, the Philly Show at Oaks, PA, opened with 5-degree-F temperatures on Saturday, January 6 . . . Some of our readers may remember the ice storm at Valley Forge/King of Prussia in the last century. . . As they say in show biz, “The show must go on.”
Mark your calendars for the September show
WHEN: September 9-11, Sunday-Tuesday 2018

WHERE: The Hershey Lodge in Hershey, PA The Hershey Lodge: Great American Hall,
325 University Drive, Hershey, PA 17033

Sponsored by The Retail Confectioners Association of Philadelphia Show


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72nd Annual Production Conference
provides PMCA’s cutting edge technology
As featured in the last issue of Candymail, highlights of the PMCA Production Conference continue with photos of the Supplier Exhibition, and keynote and technical sessions from the April 16-18 event at Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square and Lancaster County Convention Center.
Suppliers exhibits filled Freedom Hall, many of them celebrating as 25+ Year Exhibitors, including Blommer Chocolate Company, Centerchem, Inc., CM-OPM USA, American Chocolate Mould, Baker Perkins, Savage Bros. Co., Hilliard’s Chocolate System, and many more.

Centerchem, Inc., greets customers at Supplier Exhibition (above, below).
Some exhibitors enjoy speaking of attending PMCA more than 25 years including WRH Industries, Ltd., for example. Warren Hartwell of WRH boasts: “Don’t retire – you know what happens when you retire!” Point taken, Yours Truly can say we’ve been to PMCA more than 25+ years. So many candy bags, too little time.

Blommer Chocolate Company presents 2018 trends.
(Above, from left) Tate & Lyle's Chris Durant, and Ed Minson, pause for a photo during Supplier Exhibition.
Monday’s Back to Basics Seminar presented talks and demonstrations about “Making Chocolate Work for You!”, followed by the exhibits and PMCA-provided buffet lunch, and a free evening. 

Back to Basics demonstrations talked about chocolate (above), and (below), NCA's Laura Shumow wowed the audience with a down-to-the minute Policy & Regulatory Update 2018.
The conference continued on Tuesday with technical presentations, lunch for all attendees, and dessert at the Annual Meeting of Members.
Robert Huzinec, Chair of the Board, welcomed official representatives to the annual meeting. Reports followed, from officers including (shown above) Edmund Wilson, president; Rose Potts, vice president; Edward Minson, treasurer, and Yvette Thomas, Administrative Director. The slate of officers for 2018 – 2019 moved up the chairs, with the addition of Tom Houlihan, Vice President; and Ed Minson continuing as Treasurer. Thanks go to Yvette Thomas, Brandy Kresge, and Rachel Halkias, plus all the volunteers for and excellent year and conference.
(Above) During the afternoon break, attendees viewed featured research by Qiaoqiao Dai, of Callisons.
Friends gathered throughout the conference for candid photos, and Candymail is appreciative.

Above, from left, Amy Allured, MC-The Manufacturing Confectioner, with Qiao and friends.
Above, Amy Allured, MC-The Manufacturing Confectioner, Tom Scott, Catty Corp., Elizabeth Clair, Barry-Callebaut.
Thanks to everyone for being a good sport for snaps by Candymail camera.

Join PMCA for its 73rd Annual Production Conference, April 8-10, 2019
Same place, next year!

PMCA Production Conference coverage continued below... 
Periodic Table of Fruit boasts many varieties. 
'Abso-FRUIT-ly Delicious –
Using Fruit in Confections'

- A unique exhibition hosted by the PMCA Program Committee

So much preparation goes into PMCA’s hosted exhibition each year that it begs to be featured separately. Held during the Supplier Exhibition, April 16, from 12:30 p.m. – 5 p.m., the interactive exhibit presented how fruits are used in different confectionery applications. The PMCA Production Conference was held April 16-18, at the Marriott Convention Center, Lancaster, PA.

Attendees are treated to tasting samples of purees, juices, dried fruit, chocolate-covered fruit, and more.

Hosted Display sub-committee co-leads include Pam Gesford, The Hershey Company; Marlene Stauffer, Blommer Chocolate Company; and members Philip Cartier, retired, The Hershey Company; Diane Douglas, Concord Foods, Inc.; and Reg Ohlson, Retired, Mars, Inc.

Contributors to the FRUIT-ly Delicious exhibition are The Grocer, Innova, Kauffman’s Fruit Farm & Market, The Packer, Produce for Better Health Foundation, The Tennessean, TRUE FOOD TV.

Fruit trees bloom for PMCA hosted exhibit. 

(continued on next column)

Wilbur Factory Faces Transforming Future
By Susan Tiffany
Dreams of living in a chocolate factory are the stuff of Hollywood. But in one small Pennsylvania town this dream is about to become reality.
In Lititz, PA, Cargill’s shuttered Wilbur Chocolate Company factory, will undergo a major redevelopment courtesy of its new owner the Lancaster, PA-based Oak Tree Development. Oak Tree acquired the property from Cargill earlier this year for $2.25 million.
The 100-plus year-old brick factory will anchor the redevelopment, becoming one of Hilton Hotel’s Tapestry Collection boutique hotels. The new hotel will offer 74 guest rooms, and be christened “The Wilbur.”
The rest of the factory/warehouse complex will be transformed into a restaurant and bar, 26 residential condominiums and shops.
Its grand opening is scheduled for April 2019.
The remainder of the 11-acre property will feature new construction of 32 residential condominiums for the 55 years and older demographic; an 80-unit apartment building; and a 75-unit apartment building, which are scheduled for completion by April 2020.
Cargill closed the iconic Wilbur factory in 2016, transferring the manufacturing that was done in Lititz to other Cargill facilities.



Philly Show featurette
- Courtesy of Joan Sweeting, Madelaine Chocolate Company
The Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show at Oaks, PA, January 6 – 9 offered a ‘Taste of Industry’ competition, seminars along with the candy show . . . Please visit for who offered what during the first show of the season. 
Merckens / Cargill exhibit greets visitors at opening day at the Philly Show.
H&C Sales offers Valentine heart boxes and other confectionery packaging specialties. Howard Robinson greets visitors on the first day of the show.