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P Magee Enterprises is a public relations agency with a vision for helping businesses in the confectionery and chocolate manufacturing industry achieve distinction in the marketplace. Our office is based in Richfield, OH, (between Cleveland, Akron) and we meet with you by phone, email, social media, or in person as part of our service.

We will have been at this for 19 years, as of March 17, 2018, and we celebrate. Although P Magee Enterprises remains a single-proprietorship, the editorial “we” comes from talking with other professionals in the candy industry that include old friends and new, and still-to-come friends. The Web site you are viewing has been produced by many hands and minds and kicks off our celebration. Everyone we’ve ever known has gone into the making of P Magee Enterprises. Thank you.

Pat Magee hails from Lancaster, PA. Her first memory of chocolate making, besides helping her mother make and sample fudge, was a field trip in first grade to a nearby, world-famous chocolate factory. Time passed ... and she moved west (to Ohio) to go to college. She began her journalism career in business-to-business publishing after graduating from Kent State University and doing some odd and editorial jobs.

At the beginning of her journalism career, Magee served as night editor at the Daily Kent Stater campus newspaper, and apprenticed at the print shop that published it. Her career progressed into public relations for a health maintenance organization, adding to her technical writing, photography, and editing skills.

After reading about a major publishing company's move from New York to Cleveland, Magee applied and found her dream job at Candy Industry magazine, through which she gained her contacts and confidence in confectionery reporting. During that time, Magee spent 17 years immersed in the language of the international confectionery field.
The gift of that experience provided visits to more than 100 candy plants worldwide and writing about them. Advertising sales to suppliers of equipment, ingredients and packaging materials advanced her position to management as publisher of the magazine. A special bright spot included serving as manager of the Candy Industry Kettle Committee, where she publicized and promoted the prestigious Kettle Award for almost two decades.

As that chapter closed, she moved on to establish her own agency just prior to the arrival of the 21st century. Since 1999, Magee’s company continues to evolve as a consultancy that has ranged from machinery sales, to speaking at industry events in the USA and abroad, attending and participating in trade shows, enhancing publicity for individuals and companies via tailored public relations services, and publishing a wide-range of news stories and feature articles in on-line and print magazines.

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The intention of P Magee Enterprises is to help others in the confectionery industry meet their editorial and promotional goals with creativity and timeliness.
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plmagee@earthlink.net Phone: 1-330-659-7048


Malcolm Blue, Peters Chocolate Co., Div. Nestle, shares
placenta of cacao pod with Pat during Elaine Gonzalez's
first guided tour into Tabasco and Oaxaca, Mexico.


The staff cleans up pretty well after setting up the booth:
(l-r) Rich Kiesel, Pat Magee, Liesbeth Severiens. 

Pat at 2010 Induction into the Candy Hall of Fame, presented by the National Confectionery Sales Association.
Sharing the event with her at the head table is husband, Greg Nemetz. Following is a bit of her acceptance speech, which fortunately, only had to last 5 minutes:

The Candy Hall of Fame


What an honor it is to be talking to you

And standing up on this stage.

It blows me away to realize

I’ve reached that certain age.


A few years ago when Teresa & Steve said

That someone submitted my name:

Well I laughed, I chortled and retorted,

“I’m not old enough” was my refrain.


Yours truly was still stubbornly bound

Not to admit that it might be a fit –

But lo and behold that esteemed age came

To be considered for the best of it.


Now, at RCI, PMCA, NCA, or AACT,

That milestone age I won’t claim.

But I am honored to join this very elite group

At the glittering NCSA Candy Hall of Fame.


- Pat Magee 2010




The "R" Word
'Twenty years of a successful freelance career isn't bad'

So replies a colleague upon my so-called retirement. And, she adds, "I am thrilled that 'candygram" is not retiring!!"
May 2019 Twenty-one (21) years ago this month the publishing company I worked for sold its US$1.0 million magazine division for US$4.0 million, and I’d mistakenly thought it was “mine”. That was in May 1998 - the last century!
A year later on St. Patrick’s Day 1999, I started up my own freelance media business and “CandyGram” e-newsletter. This year celebrates the 20-year-anniversary mark.

The field has changed. This former English major/journalism minor college graduate, professional editor and publisher, notes the unprecedented decline of journalism and ethics after a 40+-year career in publishing.

With a little help from our friends in health and welfare, I’m now trailblazing my own brand of the “R” word. What’s that, you say? Take a bow, dear readers, for your kind attention won’t let me just retire, hang up my laptop and slip away.

And the industry has changed. I’m not interested in pursuing CBD-infused or cannabis-laced confectionery news. Sure, hemp derivatives and weed from the cannabis plant are legal in most places, but so is alcohol, tobacco and firearms and hopefully the ATF agency will figure out how to tax the devil out of it for state and federal funding and keep kids safe from potential poisoning. Enough said. Live and Let Live.

I'll still be writing Candymail as a citizen journalist. And a friend is truly a friend, thank you and you know who you are. 
Let’s see what comes next!

About “R” . . . we don’t need a party – there was the best of parties in 1999 at an Irish pub in New York City after my last Sanctus Sanctorum of the magazine’s Kettle Committee. We’re sorry if we’ve missed you at some travel venues, and we welcome seeing you again sometime, somewhere. 

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More comments:
Susan Tiffany: I really liked your "retirement" letter - and thoughtful comments about where you've been & what the future may hold. God's blessings on the where/when.
Editor's Note: We always regret any misspellings. 

Fond memories


At left, Pat serves as manager of the Kettle Committee
with help from Kettle Committee members, including 
(right) Tim Burke, Burke Chocolate. Making 
sure the esteemed Kettle Award maintained its 
prominence from 1982 - 1999 is one of Magee's
major contributions to the US confectionery industry.


Posing for photo at Interpack, circa 1993/96. 

(From left) Graham Watson, retired, Norman Bartleet, UK,
talks with Susan Tiffany, former editor, Candy Industry
magazine, at Interpack. Today, Tiffany is contributing editor
of CANDYMAIL, while Watson occasionally checks for typos.

Yours Truly covering the PMCA Suppliers Expo at its first
stint after Hershey, in 2011 at the Marriott Lancaster Convention Center,
Lancaster (Lank-iss-ter), PA.

Yours Truly, above left, visits with candy friends Mike Koch, Morley Candy Makers / Sanders Candy, and Rose Potts, The Blommer Chocolate Company, during NCA's 2014 State of the Industry Conference at Miami Beach, FL.


Two old friends, publishers, Yours Truly, Pat Magee and Joan Steuer, Chocolate Marketing, LLC, take a selfie at the 2018 Kettle Reception.

As time goes by.... 
Enjoying friends at an RCI Convention from left, Joan Sweeting, Madelaine Chocolate Co.;  Malcolm Blue, Peter's Chocolate; Yours Truly, and Lisa Shepherd, Madelaine Chocolate Co. This photo was offered to the Retail Confectioners International for its 100th Anniversary in 2017. We are now oldies but lovelies!
Don't forget to wear your Reese's hat! Everybody wants one.