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PMCA Conference Targets Basics
and Beyond in Confectionery Research

Despite Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction for six more weeks of winter, springtime in Pennsylvania will soon be here, and with it the 72nd edition of PMCA’s annual Production Conference.
The conference, scheduled for April 16-18, will be held at its recurrent venue, the Lancaster County Convention Center, and the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, in downtown Lancaster, PA.
The opening day will focus on, as it has in recent years, the Basics and Beyond Seminar. This year’s seminary will focus on the key attributes of chocolate and compounds for confectionary and snack applications.
Presentations will include the attributes to consider for enrobing, moulding, and choosing the right or wrong chocolate for snack applications.  

The last half of the opening day program features the Supplier Exhibition which will give confectionery technologists an opportunity to learn about new and existing manufacturing technologies from leading industry suppliers.
Throughout the day, conference attendees will be encouraged to visit the interactive exhibit focusing on the use of fruit in confections. 
Day two of the conference, Tuesday, April 17, features a 2018 policy and regulatory update by the National Confectioners Association, which will be followed by a series of presentations on nutrition bar technology, how to bridge the nutrition gap in confectionery with protein, and troubleshooting in caramel production.
The day’s program will conclude with presentations on the necessity of including an attorney on innovation teams, innovation management, and understanding consumer perceptions of fine chocolate.
In the evening conferees will enjoy some downtime from the presentations of the day with an artisan chocolate display and cocktail reception, and a dinner speaker who will discuss the process for creating edible geodes out of chocolate and naturally formed sugar crystals. 

The evening will conclude with the presentation of the 2017 Marie Kelso Memorial Award to Jeffrey Bogusz of Ferrara Candy Company (left). 

The program for the concluding day of the conference will begin with an update by the PMCA Education and Learning Committee, a presentation on the fermentation and drying of cocoa, the evolution of the roasting process, and an in-depth review of the conching process.
Showcased throughout the conference will be the results of research completed by Qiaogiao Dai who, as a graduate fellow at the Pennsylvania State University, studied the health effects of cocoa specifically the effects of alkalization and roasting on free and bound phenolic compounds in cocoa nibs and shells. Her work was part of the PMCA/PSU Fellowship program.
(Right) The 72nd PMCA Production Conference, scheduled for April 16-18, will be held at its recurrent venue, the Lancaster County Convention Center, and the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, in downtown Lancaster, PA.

In Memoriam:
Remembering Sam Mancuso
1922 – 2017
Retiree of Merckens/ADM, lifelong friend to the confectionery industry, recipient of the RCI’s Henry J. Bornhofft Award in 2000. Mancuso passed away on November 2, 2017 and would have been 95 at the end of that month.


- Courtesy of Kathy Koszuta, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate North America, photo by Joan Sweeting, Madelaine Chocolate

reprint from February 1997 internal newsletter with updates

At the recent Philadelphia National Candy Show, Sam Mancuso received the prestigious Paddle Award from the Retail Confectioners Association of Philadelphia. This award is given to an individual who has given outstanding service to the Retail Confection Industry. Sam has given 56 years of dedicated service to the industry.
Sam started working at Merckens Chocolate, when it was in Buffalo, New York, in 1940 
washing factory walls. A few years later he was drafted into the Army but returned to Merckens in 1945 working on the factory floor. Sam worked his way from the factory 
floor to shipping and receiving to eventually a desk job in 1957.
In 1960, Merckens closed its Buffalo plant and moved it to Mansfield, Sam was in charge of the plant closing.
In 1962 Merckens asked Sam to move to Mansfield, but not wanting to leave his beloved Buffalo, he was given a sales position in which he proved himself to be the right man for the job. Sam received an award for 45 years of service with Merckens Chocolate in 1987. Reluctantly, in 1991, Sam retired from Merckens Chocolate. Later that year, after Merckens was sold to Grace Cocoa, Grace Cocoa realized Sam was a valuable asset to the company and hired him back as a consultant. Sam traveled the US and Canada calling on Merckens accounts.
In March 1997, Grace Cocoa sold the Merckens business to Archer Daniels Midland Company-ADM. Sam continued on as a consultant or as we called him at the shows, our Good Will Ambassador. Sam continued to see and call on customers until the end of 2015, shortly after ADM sold the chocolate portion of the ADM Cocoa unit to Cargill.
Rest in Peace, Sam.

ProSweets showcases processing, packaging equipment adjacent to ISM in Cologne

At ProSweets, Cologne, Germany, January 28 – 31, 2018, Savage Bros. Co. will display its cooking solutions alongside Hacos NV, Hall 10.1 Stand C0.21. . . . Carle & Montanari – OPM exhibits company’s newest features at Hall 10.1, Stand F0.50 – G0.59.
ACMA, a company of the Coesia Group, offers a complete range of confectionery product solutions. ACMA will showcase high and low speed sweets and chocolate wrapping machines at KoelnMesse, Hall 10.1, Booth G48 H49. (See photo below.)
ACMA will show a number of its packaging lines at ProSweets.

Savage Bros. was a first-time host for the PMCA Short Course. Shown above are students and instructors for PMCA's Caramel, Fudge and Toffee course. 

Students Rate PMCA Short Course a Success

“Excellent – instructors are such a wealth of knowledge!”

“Well done – would definitely come back.”

“Enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others”

These are just some of the comments from students who participated in PMCA’s Caramel Fudge and Toffee short course in November at Savage Bros Company in Elk Grove Village, IL.

Leading the lectures and hands-on sessions were two confectionery industry veterans who have a combined 70 years of service. Mark Heim, formerly of the Hershey Company, and Randy Hofberger, formerly with Nestle, taught the participants about component and ingredient variables, processing fundamentals, and troubleshooting in the production of caramel, fudge and toffee.

Students put the comprehensive lecture material to good use during the hands-on portion of the course where they made a variety of caramel, fudge and toffee products.

The students also experimented with recipes, learning the effects of ingredients on taste, color, texture and overall quality.

Savage Bros was a first-time host for the course. The company renovated its facility two years ago to provide educational areas for industry use. The renovation included the addition of a classroom adjacent to a demo room.

Iron Confectioner competition creates joyful enterprise amid secret ingredients, flavors

- Team Chocolate and Team Capol vie for victory! And - everybody wins at 2017 AACT National Technical Seminar contest on the final evening
- Consultant Tom Hinkemeyer serves up encouragement as the moderator


Pam Gesford garners Stroud Jordan Award
at 2017 AACT National Technical Seminar

(Above) During the AACT National Technical Seminar held October 2-4, Pam Gesford (at right) of The Hershey Company, receives AACT’s Stroud Jordan Award from last year’s recipient, Randy Hofberger, of R&D Candy Consultants. The special event took place at the Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s campus following a Supplier’s Exhibit on the first full day of the conference.
(Below) Pam Gesford poses with her new Stroud Jordan Award colleagues, who gather annually for the event. From left are Randy Hofberger, Michael Allured, Pat Hurley, Pam Gesford, Carl Moore, Marlene Stauffer, Ed Minson, Walter Vink, Pat Huffman, Reg Groves and Tim Murphy. Congratulations!!!




RCI show coverage:
Suppliers, associate members rock RCI’s 100th Anniversary celebration
with sponsorships, trade show, awards night 
A two-day show, sponsorships, hosted special events, and participation for educational sessions take the cake during week-long centennial celebration for the Retail Confectioners International. Please see a few photos on our Facebook Page from Candymail camera. Plus – if you’d like to type in who or what are shown in the pix, please do so! And thank you. 
Above (center) Jeff Birnn checks in at Hilliard’s Chocolate System and is welcomed by Dan Andersen (left) and Jim Bourne (right).
(Above) Frank Murnane and Mackenzie Murnane join in the celebration during RCI's 100th Anniversary convention and expo in Chicagoland. (Below) At the expo, The Murnane Company introduces innovative cocoa-shell-based paper goods from LeafLab.
For more photos please go to our Facebook Page at Link. 

RCI 100th Anniversary
Historic week winds up with tours of special interest to confectioners
The Retail Confectioners International 100th Anniversary, June 12 – 16, marks a high note in its century of conventions. Too much to show here all at once, Candymail begins its coverage with RCI’s Thursday, June 15, tour through Savage Bros. Co. . . . Founded in 1855, the company tracks the growth of Chicago as a city, a candy manufacturer, and innovative equipment producer into the 21st century. There were many more tours, but Candymail scurried back to Cleveland, where, fondly enough, the RCI convention will be held next year, June 18 – 22, 2018 . . . Watch here for more RCI coverage – and also visit our Facebook page, at Link.

Above, a timeline of Savage Firemixers demonstrates innovations from 1903 - 2017. 


Stories about our sponsors: Check out their websites!

In photo above, "Chefmaster’s Confectionery Color Concentrates” adorn Jordan Almonds.

Color for confectioners

Partnership between Centerchem and Chefmaster brings out best in both companies

As the 1st anniversary of the partnership between two companies with expertise in color and the confectionery industry approaches, Candymail presents an exclusive interview about their services.

The new exclusive worldwide distributor of Chefmaster’s colors, namely Centerchem, of Norwalk, CT, offers a complete range of natural and conventional colorants along with its palette of food ingredients to the confectionery, bakery and snack food industries.

Chefmaster, of Fullerton, CA, provides a broad range of colorant dispersions and solutions in addition to FD&C lakes and dyes through Centerchem.

Candymail sat down with David Jordan, Sales Manager, Centerchem and Taygun Basaran, Ph.D., Vice President of Sales, Chefmaster at the National Confectioners Association’s State of the Industry Conference in March. Aaron Byrnes, Chief Executive Officer, Chefmaster division, Byrnes & Kiefer Co., also took part in the discussion.

The June 2014 kickoff of the distribution agreement between Centerchem and Chefmaster took place last year at the IFT Annual Meeting. The two companies are true sales partners and are reaching out to the food manufacturing industry, most strongly in confectionery and baking. Here’s what they say:

Chefmaster’s Aaron Byrnes: “Our relationship with Centerchem is based on their technical knowledge and their commitment to the confectionery industry. We (Chefmaster) are very competent with our colorants in the food industry.”

Chefmaster’s Taygun Basaran, who has a Ph.D., in food science/chemistry, says: “With Centerchem’s forte in servicing specialty ingredients and Chefmaster’s expertise in food color systems, we offer a complete range for multiple segments of the food industry.

Centerchem’s David Jordan, who covers the USA, Canada, confirms: “Because of our partnership with Chefmaster, we can offer a broad spectrum of colors and applications.”

Basaran: “We offer unique delivery systems, whether its water soluble or oil dispersible, customized packaging systems in various sizes to customized pre-weighted packages, designed to drop in our clients’ batch sizes.”

Jordan: “There are many color options available, and we are innovative with the ability to make customized shades, colors and also pearlescent pigments.”

Basaran: “We’re making a full portfolio of conventional food colors and natural food colors in both water-soluble and oil dispersible backbones. We are application driven.

Jordan: “We get in on the plant floor and work with the manufacturer, to provide service above and beyond.”

Basaran: “We see tremendous growth in natural colors and color systems, and the technology for making them is advancing rapidly.”


Shown above, Antonella Cavalieri Manasse, marketing & communication manager, Carle&Montanari-OPM, meets with visitors at Pack Expo. The company states: "CM-OPM makes a whole range of equipment for large and smaller companies."


Carle&Montanari-OPM and CMFIMA previewed the most important innovations for all of their range of products, including cocoa and chocolate processing, moulding, wrapping, primary and secondary packaging.

Recently introduced new products include the horizontal conche ALPHA, the depositor AERO CORE based on the AILP technology, the trifunctional cells of the TLP series and the new modular wrap-around machines WA. The company also discussed improvements on their best-known machines, including the five rolls refiner HFI 518 with the fineness control “MicronSense” and the new Energy Saving system, CMFIMA’s wrapping machines VPack2RF and SM-STICKER, and the horizontal flowrapper JT EVO for slugs and on-edge products.

In addition, the two companies highlight their new Latin American branch office, located in San Paolo.

The choice to open a branch office in this area enforces the willingness to provide a more efficient service to CM-OPM and CMFIMA customers in Brazil and surrounding areas, guaranteeing a local presence in terms of sales and customer service management. 
Shown below are a variety of products and packaging applications completed by CM-OPM and CMFIMA equipment.

Baker Perkins 
Deposited functional and medicated candy was the highlight of Baker Perkins at Pack Expo. It focused on the application of candy depositing technology to meet the growing demand for fortified functional and medicated hard candy and jellies carrying over-the-counter medications or dietary supplements.

Functional, and especially medicated, candy is not new but the accuracy and hygiene of modern cooking and depositing techniques has broadened the range of potential applications.

The functional sector ranges from boosting the intake of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein to adding beneficial supplements such as folic acid and Omega-3 to the diet. This sector also extends to sports nutrition where candy is ideally suited to portable and convenient energy and recovery products. Medicated products include ingredients such as antiseptics and menthol and eucalyptus oil to alleviate the symptoms of minor ailments such as coughs, colds, sore throats and nasal congestion.

The smooth mouth-feel and slow release of deposited hard candy is ideal for medicated products, while jelly and fruit products are more suited to functional applications. Both product types can be made with sugar or be sugar-free, and are of consistently high quality to support high pricing and healthcare positioning.

Of the technologies available to the medicated and functional candy sectors, depositing is undoubtedly the most appropriate because of the hygiene, accuracy and product quality it offers. Additionally, the process adheres to the principles of GMP and is readily capable of validation to FDA standards.

Baker Perkins is the acknowledged market leader in cooking and starchless depositing systems for candy, making a wide selection, including hard candy, lollipops, toffees, caramels, fudge, fondant, and jellies.

Candymail Newsletter produced by: Pat Magee, Publisher/Editor; and Rev. Susan Tiffany, Contributing Editor

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April 28, 2017

I loved your Bio I saw in Candy Mail.

Are you going to Interpack? Ive gone to every one since 1978! Amazing how time flies.


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April 20, 2017 
Great stuff Pat, I hope the business is thriving and you are well!
Ken McGregor 
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September 1, 2016 - From Tom Houlihan, Guittard Chocolate Company

Hi Pat,

Thanks for the front page pic. I’ve received lots of nice comments. You have quite an impressive database of friends out there.

Have a great long weekend.

July 1, 2015 - Last seen at 95th RCI convention & expo, and Summer Fancy Food Show in New York

Hi Pat,

Nice to see you at the shows this past week, and thanks for putting in a photo of our new snack boxes.

Happy 4th of July!
Bob Hollander | Midwest Sales Manager
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Thank you Pat – beautiful photos of our conference and nice coverage – greatly appreciated.

At 2015 PMCA Production Conference 
Brandy Kresge and Yvette Thomas


Thank you Pat for the plug.

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​Thanks for publicizing the AACT scholarship. Have a great week.

Kevin Silva
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Thank you Pat - what nice coverage of industry education programs.

Yvette Thomas
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From Shirley Cox, Dorothy Cox Candies, Inc., regarding article about the Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show:

"Thank you. We saw the newsletter and it's really good!"

Dorothy Cox Candies Inc.
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From Anne Meerboth-Maltz, Senior Director, Corporate Communications & Public Relations, Messe Düsseldorf North America:

Nice interpack article, Pat! It's appreciated. Visitors need all the help they can get…



Hello Pat,

You really did my [column] proud in your current issue of Candymail. Thank you.

But there is one typo which could result in destruction of the human race! In the article on 'Cooking Under Vacuum', atmospheric pressure is shown as 147 lbs. per sq. in.

If you wish to save the world population, this should be 14.7 lbs. per sq. in.

With best regards to you and Greg, and Happy Holidays!


Hi Pat,

Thank you for the nicely done picture and caption below describing my photography services at the Philadelphia National Candy, Gift and Gourmet Show. Your ability to communicate to the industry highlighting the fine points of the confectionary industry are clearly indicated here. Keep up the good work!

Tom Scudder
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I have always enjoyed your newsletter. It is succinct but friendly.
Rod Oringer
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On Confectionery Classics:

Wonderful use of some GREAT content Pat. How interesting!

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Wow!  You sure take magnificent photographs!  I loved seeing all of your great photos from Interpack. 

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It was good to see you at Interpack - it's nice to be able to put a face to a name!

Alan Burgess, A & A Marketing, for Baker Perkins Group, Peterborough, UK